Sunday, 8 April 2012

Femme Fatale

I went for a walk yesterday, and when I came home there was a woman leaning against the fence. She looked incongruous against the dilapidated fence and overgrown yard, reapplying her lipstick with scarcely a glance at me. I thought she was just a passer-by, so I didn't spare her a second glance.

"Where's your mask?" she asked when I walked past her. I shrugged and didn't respond, taking my keys out from around my neck and unlocking the door. I don't make a habit of talking to attractive women or proxies, as both are rather dangerous, and this woman was definitely attractive and probably a proxy, which made her at least twice as dangerous.

"You're going to invite me in for coffee." she said. She didn't say it like a request, or an order. She said it like it was a certain thing, an inevitability. She was assured, certain that I was going to do as she had said.

I turned around and told her "I don't drink coffee." before I went inside, locking the door and barring it behind me.

She stood outside my house for an hour, looking for all the world like a lost puppy, before she left. I found a note in my letterbox later that day with a time (11 this morning) and a place (one of the Starbucks' in the CBD) and also a smiley face.

Honestly, how stupid does she think I am?

I didn't go.


  1. At this point, Harry. I think it might behoove you to go. its a public place so no shenanigans can take place, and if nothing else you can learn what they want you to think/feel about them.

  2. It's too late, I didn't go. I've seen her around since, though. I think she might be following me.

  3. Confront her in a public place? Just be sure to stay prepared if she attacks.

  4. innocuity

    their finest defense